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This is one of our ideas for great first dates in bad weather. Because a walk in the woods can always be very special. It is up to you what you make of it – true to the motto: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” Put on thick socks and rain boots, into your cozy, thick winter jacket, grab a hat, scarf and gloves – and Here we go! There is a lot to discover in the forest and the fresh air is good for you.

You have enough time to talk about God and the world and to get to know each other in peace and quiet in beautiful nature. If it rains, you will certainly have an umbrella with you and – if you want – you can get a little closer. Perhaps you will also find a forest with a game reserve and can feed the animals. Anyone can walk in the sun – in bad weather it can be an adventure.

There are places where you don’t go often. Whether alone, with a friend: inside or just while data. Or who goes to the museum, the planetarium, the aquazoo or a bird exhibition on a regular basis? We think these are very special places and therefore perfect for a first date. The German museum landscape in particular offers a wide range of topics: natural history, art, history, geography … Just choose something you like and stroll through the corridors together.

The same applies here (as with date idea no. 1): Shared nice experiences can greatly increase your anticipation of getting to know each other. It may even be that you don’t even make it to the end of the museum and go to the nearest bar or restaurant beforehand to finally talk to each other. In any case, we know a couple who did exactly that. We think it’s good and therefore advise you: Just give it a try.

It is well known that love goes through the stomach. So delicious culinary delights won’t hurt even on the first date. So how about a tasting? Chocolates from our own manufactory, wines from the Moselle, unusual sushi creations, craft berries from Ireland … you are sure to find something that you fancy.

Tastings are educational, sociable and a great way to get to know each other. Because while you are enjoying the delicacies, there is enough time to talk to each other until the next course is served. If you still don’t have enough speaking time, the same applies here as always: then just go to the next bar and continue chatting.

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