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People can accidentally attribute the physical responses to anxiety or stress to romantic feelings.

Situations in which our heart rate accelerates, we breathe heavily, or feel like we’re experiencing a kick can cause confusion in our head. Instead of tracing the reactions back to our physical activity, our thoughts take a detour, so to speak, and we find our counterpart more attractive in the aforementioned situations – sometimes even believe that we have developed romantic feelings. Physical exertion and sport are therefore ideal for flirting.

Those who want to avoid fitness studios are in good hands in a running group. Women in particular have a large selection due to the high proportion of men and not only does the pulse accelerate over a distance of eight kilometers; there are also enough opportunities to get into conversation.

Just because we keep advancing our technology, we believe humans would develop in parallel to just as rapidly. But what use are numerous dating apps and the most precise algorithms if we stumble blindly and emotionally stunted through everyday life?

A friend recently told me that one of the most common sentences on Tinder profiles is “I would have preferred to meet you in the supermarket”. The question arises, why do most of the people in the supermarkets in question either stare at their cell phones or stare into the air while they are covered up?

Incidentally, the supermarket in the district is not a strange place to get to know your future partner. Just like the subway to work. Or the café, where you ring in your weekend every Saturday morning. What do these places have in common?

We keep coming back to them and at best we move there in a group of people we know by sight.

Due to evolution, humans have a reluctance to face the unknown. People who have a recurring guest appearance in our lives seem strangely familiar. This familiarity is valued by our subconscious and they are more pleasant to us than complete strangers.

In other words, next time, sit down in the open space next to the handsome man who drives you to work on the bus every morning. Your subconscious are already old acquaintances …

I love exploring life and making lists. So what could be more natural than to share my experiences here every month and put them together for you in a top 5 or top 3?

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