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Well finally, you dared and just asked – you have a date. Nervousness spreads, as does the question: How can I impress them with me? We’ll show you 5 tips on how to have the perfect first date.

The first date, no matter how often you’ve been through it, always makes you a little nervous. We are particularly nervous when we really want to convince someone of us. Preparation is everything here – from the hairstyle to the outfit, even the location. But please don’t do all of this in such a way that it looks like we’ve spent many hours preparing – even if it was like that. (Also Read: Just Looking Good: The Best First Date Grooming)

The world is full of paradoxes, but none surpasses that of a man who cares very much about his appearance without appearing vain or superficial. An appointment, especially the first one, therefore requires a lot of preparation – after all, the first impression cannot be repeated. Every detail counts, so it is advisable to undergo the following basic rituals before your first date:

Don’t be shy! Speak it out and say it as it is: you want a date. Openly and honestly tell her that you want to get to know her. Speaking plain text from the start avoids confusion and disappointment. (Also Read: 5 Tips For A Perfect Sex Date)

The perfect shave is the first step in making a good, well-groomed impression. Take your time and use care products both during and after shaving. You don’t want to look like Edward scissorhandled you. The same also counts for beard care: full beards should be washed and, depending on their length, combed and styled. (Also interesting: Shave properly: With these tips it’s smooth)

The right haircut can make you look better the first time – the wrong one can send you offside. Less is more is the motto when it comes to hair styling. Don’t pretend to suddenly smear a can of taffeta in your hair or soak your head in hair wax. Stay the way you are, especially if you keep your hair natural in everyday life. (Also: These are the best men’s hairstyles for 2020)

How you smell is remembered. As is well known, our noses sniff the perfect partner, so choose wisely. Smelling like your grandmother on a date is probably only a good decision if you are no longer so sure about your choice. Choose a subtle fragrance that reflects your personality. Our tip: Nobody likes to do without pure oxygen and instead prefers to stay in the intense cloud of scent of their counterpart – no matter how successful the choice of perfume may be. Here, too, less is more. (Also Read: These Are The Perfumes That Will Get You More Compliments Than Ever Before)

If your rendezvous is casual, you don’t need to wear a suit – unless the location is crying out for it. However, make sure you wear clean and crease-free clothing in which you feel comfortable and can show yourself from your best side. (Also worth reading: Freckling: The new dating trend of summer)

Don’t leave anything to chance. Now that you know how to show yourself from your best side, it is important that the location around you is also one of the best. Creating a good atmosphere, a place where you can talk in peace, is important in order to have good conversations. If you invite your date to dinner, you can also prove your good manners. (Also: The most beautiful rooftop bars in Germany)

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