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Do you know the warm feeling when someone smiles at you? When we smile at someone, we share our joy with them. We signal that we like him and are comfortable with him.

Have you ever had a successful date where the two of you didn’t smile much? Well, smiling promotes relationships. Use this knowledge for yourself when you stand on the stage and give your audience a welcoming smile. You will notice how your audience smiles back, relaxed and happy.

Now you might be thinking that you can’t smile at the push of a button – especially not when you’re on stage in front of 500 people and the spotlights are shining in your eyes. I can understand that well. Mainly because your audience will notice whether your smile is real or fake. Therefore, here is a tip for you on how you can really smile at the push of a button: Close your eyes right now and think of a place or a person you love. It is important that this thought triggers a warm feeling of happiness in you. Now close your eyes for a moment and visualize this place or this person.

I always think of one of my nieces or my nephew and hey presto, it gets really warm in my stomach and I smile (even now 😊). Did you find a picture? Very good! Make a note of this picture along with the feeling it triggers in you. The next time you’re on stage, get this picture out and give your audience a warm, genuine smile.

Have you ever had a really bad date? Me, yes. With Liam. Liam was a really nice guy and I wanted to give him a chance. Unfortunately, our date was not a lucky star from the start. We met through a third person. His mother. Liam’s mother and I were on an Italian class together. When we weren’t talking about Italian verb endings or practicing the role of the Italian “R”, she told me about Liam. At first I didn’t think anything about it, since mothers like to talk about their sons, but one day she asked me spontaneously if I wanted to go out with their son. At first I was speechless, then I just said “yes”.

When our date started, one thing quickly became clear: Liam was very good at talking. About himself. He was a big fish fan and told me all evening about his aquarium and his fish: There was the little orange that looks like Nemo and the swarm of the almost transparent who were constantly hungry. A.

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