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“Let’s go have a coffee” – you can go wrong with this classic date initiation phrase

Meet, talk, smooch: yes, there are magical first dates. But usually the classic date is a merciless tribunal. That’s why our author has stopped doing it and prefers to find the man different.

I don’t believe in the principle of dating. This “now we meet and talk and then we decide whether we can imagine making out.” In 90 percent of the cases the result is negative. How can you make such a decision at the end of a tense meeting in a café or (better) a bar?

The fact is, of course, we do that anyway. And because we hardly get to know people at all, in this artificial date situation, we pounce on small disturbers. He’s ordering a caramel macchiato? Embarrassing, feminine, wrong drink – wrong man, the verdict is on. Is he making a bad joke? The guy’s out before he could laugh about it. Of course, there are magical first dates, without pauses in conversation and questions about hobbies. Since I’ve been dating (I was around 13), I’ve been around one and a half.

Many relationships are on hold during the World Cup: the man watches games, the woman tries to distract herself. But how are the singles doing? Nicola Erdmann looking for clues in the dating jungle.

For a bigger story, a colleague recently wrote a circular to the large mailing list with the question: How does he or she disqualify himself or herself on the first date? The answers were shockingly strict and petty. Many people punish themselves when they ask “Do you want to have a coffee?” – after all, they want to decide for themselves what they want to drink.

Others complained about hats or wrong expressions. It seems like you really have to get every detail right to stand your ground before the merciless date tribunal. That’s why I stopped dating years ago. Because I’m the same myself – if his scarf is tied incorrectly, I quickly find it unmanly and it takes many good moments to make up for it.

So at some point I started taking young men out for walks with my dog. That wasn’t a waste of time (the dog has to go out anyway!) And the situation is at least a little more informative than sitting across from each other with a hot lemon.

The tragic thing is that we are missing out on loved ones because of this hasty sorting out, I’m sure of that. “I would never have met my current boyfriend a second time if we had met on a classic date,” Miriam tells me. Just because they had to work on a project together for weeks did she eventually forget that he was too small and that his shirt collar was raised. And fell in love with his humor and shared moments. This is not a practicable tip for all date disappointed – but maybe an incentive to be a little more gracious on your next date.

Couples who only speak of themselves in the “we” are supposedly happier and healthier. But do you need a partner look and a shared circle of friends? A couples therapist explains what the we-feeling really is.

Totally in love, he proposes marriage to his girlfriend. She feels taken by surprise, after all, they have only been a couple for a few months. But such skipping actions are typical for men, our couple counselor knows.

Small gifts not only make the giver happy, but also strengthen the social relationship. But what if your partner never gives you anything? Our couple counselor has clear answers.

Dear women, do not be seduced by a sonorous bass. According to a recent study, men with a deep voice have a major disadvantage. Instead, find a man with a beeping voice.

When the relationship is over, suffering begins. The ex is omnipresent on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp. Three applications promise quick help – but sometimes with very tough measures.

Player women have long known that men want to be praised. This is good for your ego and makes everyday communicaion more beautiful. Any type of inter-sex relationship benefits from this.

Sweaty hands, embarrassing anecdotes, the payment process: so much can go wrong on your first date. What not to say, do or wear in an evening with potential lovers.

For the majority, marriage is by no means old-fashioned – even if there is a fifty percent probability that it will fail. Certainly only because everyone wants to celebrate a kitschy party. Me too.

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