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Our expert on love, Emanuel Albert, was at the side of the metropolitan ladies of “My Perfect Date” for four weeks. With lots of big and small tips, he not only entertained us, he also helped us. Because who is born the perfect dating partner? Even if we sometimes sat in front of the screen shaking our heads when the ladies started various attempts at picking up, could we really do better? At least one of them can and has now given us his top 4 dating tips.

Whether in Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund or Düsseldorf – there was always something to laugh about during the dating attempts in “My Perfect Date”, because love is not always easy. Excitement and the simultaneous need to come across play a very big role. Our dating expert Emanuel Albert, who also showed his knowledge on “My perfect date”, was also breathless now and then, but he has summarized the four most important dating tips for us:

Dates go wrong much more often than you think, but what do you do with them? Do you throw it away or do you think “This is a great practice opportunity”? Great when you stay. If the other person is very shy and taciturn, for example, and a real conversation doesn’t take place, then this is the perfect opportunity to try out which flirtation phrases can be used to get this dumb fish out of yourself.

There are a lot more crazy date opportunities than people realize. It is worth worrying about. Especially good when you already know a little about the other. Did she mention a sport that interests you? Does he have a favorite food? Climbing, picnicking, horse-drawn carriage tour – you can put together a really great date in no time.

Many only have a first-person perspective during the date. “How do I get there?” – “Is the other right for me at all?” Those who think about themselves do not open up to the other, do not adjust to the other. The best way to get out of the one-man show is to ask the other person open questions and actively listen (“Aha”, “How do you like a vacation best?”).

Of course, it is elementary what the other thinks of loyalty, whether children are planned or a move is conceivable. That’s not how you start a date. “I have to see if it suits me,” the dating expert often hears. Right! But please more inconspicuously and later. Don’t fall in with the door.

Yes, the theory sounds a little easier than it seems in practice – but giving up is not an option here, because Mr. Right is somewhere and is just waiting for a meeting with his better half and that will definitely be the perfect date – albeit in its own unique way. And until then, have fun on the next weird, crazy, funny or embarrassing dates – a story like this is definitely worth meeting.

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