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dating tips

Finding topics to talk about on a date is often more difficult than you think. Too often, nervousness leads to one or two faux pas. So that your dates are successful, we have put together stimulating topics of conversation and classic no-gos for you. You will also find a list of starting points to get you started. If you follow all of our tips, there will never be an embarrassed silence on the first date.

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In this chapter you will find alternatives to “Hey, how are you?” for the first start of the conversation when flirting, topics of conversation for the further course of the date and topics to intensify getting to know each other.

Getting the very first sentence out at a first meeting can make you nervous. If you don’t think about it beforehand, you will likely get to the usual “Hey, how are you?” or “Na” tend to. However, if you want to stand out directly from others and you want to start a conversation immediately, you will continue with the following greetings. As a rule, questions are ideal for starting a conversation, but funny anecdotes or comments about the location can also create a good mood.

You can’t go wrong with the following conversations. We have put together different situations for dates that are sure to be a suitable start for you. Otherwise you will get a better feel for it through our examples and maybe even come up with something yourself. The situations can also help you come up with ideas for your dates. Some of the sayings are already suitable for flirting. You should present it with enough self-confidence or let it work like a funny saying.

In the event that you don’t know what to say at the beginning of the date or in the middle of it, you can simply tell a little story from your life. It’s best to think about beforehand what funny or interesting things have happened to you so far. There is no way you should brag about anything or praise yourself to heaven. Self-deprecating anecdotes are still the best.

When it’s obvious that the two of you may have already had some dates (for example, if you met through Tinder), you can show off your worst dating experience. Make sure that these are not intimate bed stories, a certain distance from ex-friends should always be maintained.

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