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Casual dating is more than a simple US fad. It represents modern civilization’s claim to freedom. Such informal and loose relationships represent the link between one-night-stand and monogamous partnership. But anyone who now thinks that it is only a term for constant sex with different partners, affairs or flinging on the side has the essence of casual- Dating still not understood.

Certainly it literally means as much as relaxed and casual. That is why it is usually equated with casual sex in German. Nevertheless, the implementation of the idea requires far more sensitivity, tact and understanding of people. Regardless of whether you are a woman or a man – with a simple twinkle in your eye and a quick “Well, do you fancy popping?” Only very few can get around.

People who pursue this unconventional attitude towards life want above all to experience passionate hours or nights. Try out some special types of games and discover new fantasies. In addition, there are certainly also various people who are simply looking for an affair or an adventure because sex in a partnership has long been no longer satisfactory.

At this point we want to share the best advice and tricks for a casual relationship. We go into the search, the first message, a suitable date location and also the termination of such a relationship. In the end, you know exactly what to expect on a casual date.

While in the past the right partner for flinging on the side was mainly sought in the workplace, in bars or discos, the Internet is increasingly used today. Some providers can look forward to nearly 4 million members looking for casual sex. We therefore recommend using such casual dating providers. It’s very easy, discreet and extremely anonymous. Nevertheless, most platforms have specialized in specific target groups and user intentions.

LOVEPOINT, for example, is a mixture of a dating agency with suggestions and a dating site for looking for a sex partner. Here you can find love for life as well as look out for casual sex. Sexual preferences and ideas play a special role in both areas.

JOYclub is considered the erotic Facebook. The website is designed more as a social network with groups and guest books. Another special feature is that couples who are looking for someone else’s skin in their bed get their money’s worth and can quickly find other play partners.

In the end, you should still know the market leader. This is a C-Date. With almost 4 million members, the portal is clearly number one.

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