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dating tips

In the last few years the way of searching for the “better half” has changed completely. Thanks to the internet, there are many more opportunities these days to find the love for our lives and learn to flirt. Online dating platforms and apps are springing up like mushrooms and promise great happiness. And even if these technical achievements bring many advantages, you have to get used to the new type of data and learn to flirt online. In this blog article we will show you how Parship and Co. have changed the search for great love with their algorithms and give you a few online dating tips that you can use to help your luck on the jumps.

Let’s be honest: Who of us didn’t secretly look to Bravo for tips on how to attract the attention of the crush or the loved one when we were teenagers? The advice about the famous doctor ranged from “look deep into her eyes” to “ignore him, then you will be interesting for him” to “stumble awkwardly at his feet”. From today’s point of view, these tips elicit a tired smile and often remind you of role clichés from (luckily) times long past.

We have all outgrown the Bravo age. Most of us would say, thank God. Still, for many people, flirting and dating hasn’t really gotten any easier over the years. While the number of potential partners used to be fairly manageable, thanks to globalization and modern technologies, there are many more opportunities to find love for life. And these days digital skills are required at all levels – including online dating.

Dating has changed fundamentally in the past few years. While the old, romantic love letter was still in vogue in the past, today people are increasingly looking for great love on the Internet and via app. Algorithms bring people together. The possibilities of online dating have completely changed the way we get to know potential partners.

Searching for a partner on the Internet: What used to be considered exotic has now become normal. In 2017, 8.6 million users actively used online dating exchanges. This trend has been increasing for years. For a long time now, people have stopped being looked at crookedly or even pityingly when they say that they met their partner on the Internet. Online dating has become socially acceptable.

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