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dating tips

If you are clumsy in seduction, their need to want to see you again decreases towards the core of the earth.

“Huh, how can you please be good at flirting and at the same time clumsy at seducing – isn’t that mutually exclusive, Ümit?”

By flirting, you manage to amuse yourself, make your lady feel teased and playfully challenge her.

If you want to make a lady really hot for yourself, it is essential to reveal your masculinity to her.

Very easily. Because just as we are often more attracted to a feminine woman, a feminine woman is more attracted to a masculine man.

That doesn’t mean growing a full beard, going to the gym five times a week (although it certainly won’t hurt you), and ramming a shot of testosterone into your wrists.

Imagine you are talking to a beautiful woman and suddenly a moment of silence comes into your conversation.

You can feel it all over your body. It makes you more nervous and nervous. You ask yourself:

“What should I say now ?! Ahh, this tension feels uncomfortable … F * ck, she’s probably wondering why I’m staring at her so wordlessly now. Sh! T, she will definitely leave in a moment if I can’t think of something again … Come on, say something quickly so that this embarrassing silence can finally end! “

In the moments when you look her in the eye without comment, you create the necessary space for tension.

I can remember dozens of dates where I took women home with me despite a boring date idea or despite a few teases.

But I CANNOT remember a SINGLE date where I took a lady home with NO sexual tension.

You have now received 3 effective tips with which you can add more flavor to your dates with a feather.

You now know how to make your rendezvous memorable through the principle of movement, how to trigger strong emotions in your Chica bonita and how to create strong attraction between you.

If you use them confidently, it is impossible not to benefit from them and to spend incredible quality time with your flame.

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23 sentences and 3 techniques that will make you so irresistible that she will go completely crazy about you?

I give men simple flirting tips that can be put into practice in order to learn how to be attractive to women.

23 sentences and 3 techniques that will make you so irresistible that she will go completely crazy about you.

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