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dating tips

The evening in question is approaching: No need to be nervous! We give you a few speed dating tips so that you can stay relaxed and look forward to a pleasant evening in the company of lovable people.

There is of course no specific dress code for speed dating – but it doesn’t hurt if you dress up a bit – because clothes make the man, as we know. But it is important that you do not disguise yourself, because then you do not feel good and you radiate this feeling. So put on something that you really feel comfortable in and what you would otherwise wear. So don’t be overdressed in a Chanel suit or a Brioni suit, but also not underdressed in a balloon-silk tracksuit. If you follow this advice, your speed dating can only be good.

When choosing the locations, we make sure that they are centrally located and / or easily accessible by public transport. So you can relax and drink your welcome drink, you don’t have to search for a parking space for half an hour and you may still appear sweaty too late at speed dating.

Everyone knows the situation: you are alone at a party where you don’t know anyone. Unless you’ve just inhaled five glasses of champagne, you may feel slightly uncomfortable. With speed dating, you can be sure that everyone else is there for the same reason as you. So you can relax – because everyone is curious about the other, wants to have a nice chat and get to know people. Perhaps one or the other is a little more reserved or brisk – but everyone is looking for lovable, unique singles. So it is best to be yourself. Do not pretend, but calmly admit that you may be a little shy. Just be open and meet others with the same openness that you would like.

You’re at speed dating – of course you can flirt – but stay gentlemanly or ladylike. A compliment is always well received if it is meant honestly. If you are not born with sparkling parlots: Just ask your counterpart about their last vacation, their favorite food, their pet or whether they prefer mountains or sea. Or just take a look at our 77 speed dating questions. For the talkative among you: don’t just tell about yourself, be curious about others.

Speed ​​dating is not an interview or an interrogation. Do not be too investigative towards the other – but do not bang too much yourself either. Feel free to make a few notes about the person you are speaking to and above all write down his or her nickname – but do not keep a record.

It is best to drive with the motto “Don’t expect anything, take everything!” for speed dating. Just let yourself be surprised what happens. We promise, whatever the evening brings, if you heed this advice, you will definitely have fun and make many interesting new people. Whether the great love is also there? Who knows..?!

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