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dating tips

Technological innovations help us do incredible things – so why not with love too? Currently singles are just part of a huge catalog of possibilities. Swiping on the various apps is like looking for a number in the phone book and simply makes singles unhappy. We have to change that and need innovations that end swiping and give the search for love more personality and relevance. That is exactly what Once came up for. To make dating beautiful again.

Our intelligent algorithm searches for the best match for the users once a day and then connects these two people with each other. In the following 24 hours, users can decide whether they would like to get to know the other person and give their match a like. If they like each other, they will be connected via chat over the long term. Connected matches can chat in the app or get to know each other virtually via video call.

Other providers rely on mass. The catalog of singles seems to be endless if you swipe through as a user. At Once, the match suggestions are specially selected for each user and with every decision that the user makes, the algorithm learns and improves the match quality.

In five years, Once is said to have ushered in the post-swipe era and made sure that singles take more time to get to know each other again. The recent acquisition by Dating Group is a big step in the right direction. We can use the enormous synergies that exist between Once and the Dating Group to put an end to swiping in the next few years. Having a large partner in such a concentrated and highly competitive market enables us to expand our reach and accelerate geographic expansion in order to make dating personal again and to slow it down.

First, don’t be afraid to be loud and stand up for yourself. Others must and should perceive you, see and hear what you have to say.

Second, do not apologize or justify yourself, and do not find excuses in advance that neutralize your opinions and actions. I have noticed during my career that women often do this and are not confident about their opinions and suggestions. In order to change this and to be taken really seriously in the start-up world, you should ask yourself with every action whether people would treat you differently and you would behave differently if you were a man. Because if you as a woman always apologize or justify yourself, others will not take you seriously.

Third, if you have an idea, just implement it and don’t wait for perfection. In this way, you gain valuable experience that will help you personally and your business and learn more and more. There is no such thing as failure, just constant development.

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